Medieval Team Building

Medieval Team Building

Catapult, bows, swords and fight for the King’s good graces – without clicking!

The medieval team building is a series of games where the participating teams have to prove that they would have stood their ground even 600 years ago (it is worth creating teams with proportionally distributed number of participants).
For this they have to be able to handle missiles, shoot precisely with bows and besides good shooting skills it can be proven that with joint forces the team can even use a dreaded catapult.
And yes, we are going to ride a horse but in a slightly different way…

The medieval team building is organised with the contribution of the knights of the military traditional division of the Order of St George, who demonstrate in a Knights’ Tournament how to use the weapons then help the team members in special clothes compete successfully.

The duration of the game is 1.5-2 hours depending on the number of participants. The  venue is the ring of the Solomon Tower that is also known from the history of Count Dracula.

In the winter knights’ tournaments and team building events are held in the great hall of Palotaház, in an equally authentic setting.