Conference Rooms

Conference facilities

Fully equipped conference facilities, professional environment!

For company and other professional events alike (eg. exhibitions, shows, seminars etc.), the fully equipped conference halls of Hotel Visegrád provide a professional surrounding. Our hotel offers 4 conference rooms that can also be opened up, providing perfect venues for meetings of 10 people or conferences of 200 people.

You can find the details of our conference halls and more infromation on supplementary services provided by Hotel Visegrád and on  our other conference venues below.

The following technical equipment is always provided:

  • Projector
  • Flipchart
  • Laptop
  • Slide projector
  • Overhead projector
  • CD and DVD player
  • Complete sound system
  • Wireless microphone
  • Television
  • Broadband and wireless internet connection

Passenger transport

Conference rooms – specifications

Our section rooms are ideal for meetings for 10 people but our conference halls are also suitable for bigger conferences for up to 200 people, reservation is possible all year round.

The recently opened new wing provides further possibilities for conference organisers as the mobile wall of the 150 m2 hall with a capacity of 140 people can be increased by further 85 m2, providing a capacity of 200 people.

This same hall can be easily divided to sections. Thus it is possible to have two smaller rooms, one of 80 m2 and one of 70 m2.

Furthermore, our former halls and showrooms are also available: a conference hall of 100 m2 with carpet and natural light and section rooms of 35 m2, 30 m2, 25 m2 and 20 m2.

Besides conference purposes, these rooms are also perfect venues for exhibitions, openings, shows and seminars.

Room name Floor area
Conference hall 1 35 m2
Conference hall 2 60 m2
Conference hall 1+2 opened up 95 m2
Conference hall 3 60 m2
Conference hall 4 85 m2
Conference hall 3+4 opened up 145 m2


  • All our halls are air-conditioned
  • Conference hall 3 is equipped with 2 interpreter booths as well
  • All the conference halls are equipped but if requested, we can supply any extra technical device to meet the requirements of an event.

Our other conference venues

Besides our conference facilities available in Hotel Visegrád we can offer you 4 more conference venues:

  • The private room of our hotel restaurant is recommended for events for up to 80 people.
  • The private room of Renessaince restaurant is available for events for up to 50 people and thanks to its interior design it is a true specialty, therefore it is a popular conference venue.
  • Our separate meeting room is ideal for smaller meetings for 8 people.
  • For those interested, conferences and other venues can also be organised in the meeting venue of the annual meeting of the V4 countires, in the Royal Palace. The Palace is located at 500 meters from our hotel and is a convenient venue for up to 250 people.


The high-quality catering services of our hotel are worth mentioning. The cuisine of Sirály Restaurant, which is the restaurant of our hotel, ensures true gastronomic experiences to event participants. Our chef and our waiters always do their best, our guests always appreciate our catering services. In smaller and bigger events alike, even for 200 people, in served or buffet meals our staff always work precisely and with a good taste.




Besides professional event and conference management programs dedicated to companies, smaller or bigger groups or communities, team building events represent our greatest strength. Visegrád is one of the smallest towns of Hungary, full of various programs and events, this is why it earned the nickname the „Playground of Budapest”. Plan your most memorable team building events with us!

Team building events:

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