Zugfozde Palinka Museum

A little history in a different way!

Visit the museum called Zugfőzde Pálinkamúzeum presenting the past and present of the famous Hungarian drink, pálinka!

Zugfőzde Pálinkamúzeum shows you a little history in a slightly different way. The renovation of the building started in 2001 but we had no idea yet what we would find in the cellar, in the attic and in the ground. Then there was no turning back…

Visitors who fancy pálinka should take an excursion here in the world of Hungarian spirits distillation combined with an intense pálinka tasting.

Useful information:

  •  Free of charge guided tour
  •  Pálinka tasting
  •  Shopping opportunities
  •  Venue of bachelor and bachelorette parties

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